Our Private practice offers you individual medicine


Private medicine is more than standard care; a one-size-fits-all approach in medicine is not our way. We take time and care to ensure that you can take part in your wellbeing and health.


Please note: Our practice is already rather full.

Dr Struck right now only takes on a handful of new patients for infertility and recurrent miscarriages at the beginning of each quarter. Her scedule for regular gynaecological patients is already too full. Dr Struck takes once a month a whole half-day of consultation hours to work intensely with an infertility couple. Please inquire via moin@frauengesundheit-kiel.de if you want more information on our Precious Pregnancies Programme. 

Dr Prestin takes new patients for regular gynaecological care at the beginning of each quarter, and if you are in Kiel and are pregnant without having a gynaecologist, she´ll always have space. 

Billing & Payment

Billing will be according to the fixed scale of charges for Physicians (GOÄ).  All accounts will be stated once a month, and the bills send via Mail (snail). You have a fortnight to settle the bill. It is not necessary to pay directly with cash when you are in the office, and we do not have a credit card machine. If you want a menstrual cup, diaphragma, or herbal creams available in the office, you can pay cash or recieve a bill.

Are you insured with German private health insurance?

Patients who are insured with any German private health insurance will be reimbursed for nearly all our examinations and therapies. We bill all examinations like Check-ups with pap smear-test, ultrasound and treatements with the 2,3-fold factor unless it is very difficult or time-consuming, then we charge the 3,5-fold factor. If you come to see us for only for history taking, advice or counseling (talking medicine without examinations) we will bill the time used with the 5,0-fold factor. All bills are based on the fixed scale of charges for Physicians (GOÄ = Gebührenordnung für Ärzte) and the Hufelandverzeichnis (List of procedures in natural medicine).

Please note that for long consultations your insurance might not cover the "talk part" just the examinations. Unfortunately, German private health insurances do not support "speaking medicine" unless it is done by a psyciatrist or psychologist. They also do not believe in slow medicine

Are you insured with foreign private health insurance?

Please let us know in advance about what will be covered by your insurance. Students often have a little card stating which GOÄ-factors will be accepted. If you are just for several months in Germany, some medical procedures like antenatal care / pregnancy surveillance might be excluded.

Are you not insured for healthcare within Germany? Of course, you can visit us too!

You will have to pay for any visit here by yourself. But then, how much does an appointment in our private practice cost you? If you book a consultation for 30 minutes, it will be around 150,- €, more if we have to do a lot of examinations, ultrasound, microscopic evaluation of the vaginal flora and/or hormonal status of the vaginal-wall-cells, lab-tests within the colposcopy or medicaments that are used for injections and the like it will be up to 250,- €.

Additionally, to our fees, there might be costs for external laboratories like blood tests. If that is needed, we will tell you how much it will be. For example, homocysteine in the blood (in the case of recurrent miscarriage) will cost about 26,- € in our laboratory. For a complete hormone panel for infertility: TSH, free T3, free T4, Prolaktine, LH, FSH, Estrogene, Progesterone, free Testosterone, DHEA-S and AMH (Anti-mullerian-Hormone) the lab fee will be around 200,- €

Why can´t we tell exactly in advance: because by law we are required to use the fixed scale of charges for physicians, meaning after the consultation we have to state every procedure that was performed and then write a bill accordingly. Fixed rates are not allowed by law. Standardized procedures like having an IUD fitted with ultrasound measurement of the uterine cavity, ultrasound placement check afterwards will cost you between 300,- and 450,- € depending on the type of IUD chosen. Whether it is an IUD for 5 years of usage, 10 years of usage, Gynefix or T-shape-model will be discussed with you on your first visit. By German law, we are not allowed to treat or counsel patients we have never seen in person. Usually we like to see our patients every three to six month for reevaluation of herbal or hormonal therapies as some information is not verbally but we sometimes need to get a “feel” for the energy of the patient, see the skin color, posture muscle tonus and a lot of other hints (is there a sparkle I the eye and a spring in the step or still lacking?)

Are you insured with German statutory health insurance (SHI) like AOK, TK, BEK and the like?

We are sorry, but we cannot send bills to any German “Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung” as we have not bought a licence to do so. You will have to pay for any visit here by yourself.


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