Pflichtangaben gemäß §§ 5 TMG (Telemediengesetz)

Dr. med. Dorothee Struck ( MD & PhD)

Board certified Gynaecologist & Obstetrician (Fachärztin für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe)

Doctor for Natural Medicine (Ärztin für Naturheilverfahren)

Esmarchstr. 1a
24105 Kiel

Tel. 0431 240 40 19
Fax 0431 240 40 23


occupational title: Physician ( Studied, passed all Exams and aclowledged & Approved within the federal REpublic of Germany /  verliehen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
Board of physicians: Ärztekammer Schleswig-Holstein
Bismarckallee 8 - 12
23795 Bad Segeberg
Regularisation: Berufsordnung der Ärztekammer Schleswig-Holstein


data protection

We got, just in time, ready for the GDPR... but only in German!

We are very sorry but as the vast majority of our patients are speaking German, our data protection declaration is at present only available in our mother tounge.

You can find it here

We are working on a translation at present.

Kiel 24.05.2018