How to find us

Within Kiel by bike:

Coming from the Holtenauer Straße you take the Esmarchstraße nearly to it´s end where it meets the Moltkestraße. The yellow brick house covered by ivy (good for bronchitis) and wild vine (useful plant for varicose veins) the second last building on the right hand side of the road is the practice.

By Car:

From the highway A 215 straight along the „Knooper Weg“ that ends into the “Holtenauer Straße” which you follow to the left (you cannot go straight along anyway) then take the second road on the right, that is already the Esmarchstraße and follow it to the end, the second last building on the right side, a yellow brick house covered by ivy and wild vine is the practice. Parking is free of charge in the Esmarchstraße.

By Train & Bus:

Take the bus with the number 32 from the main Train station. The busride takes about 15 minutes and leave the main station every 20 minutes in the direction of Wik, Hertastraße. Please get out at “Wrangelstraße” and follow the bus for 50 meters before turning to the right into the Esmarchstraße. From then it is about two minutes down the road. If you missed the station “Wrangelstraße” get out at the next stop which is “Yorckstraße” and walk about 100 meters back to Esmarchstraße. - The Homepage of the local public transport KVAG is here, the plan of all lines is here!

By ship – within Kiel the slowest but most scenic route:

From the main station you take the shuttle-boat to “Bellevue“ and walk straight along after leaving the boat through the little forest of beeches (Bach-Flower-Remedy). The path through the forest takes you to the corner of Niemannsweg and Moltkestraße – takes about seven minutes if you are ambling slowly. You follow the later, still keeping straight on, When the Moltkestrasse ends into the Esmarchstraße ours is the second building on the left.


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Ihr Weg zur Praxis von Dr. med. Dorothee Struck
"To the doctor", Signpost from Burg in the beautiful Spreewald, Foto: Joachim Struck