Appointments & Prescriptions


Are you looking for an appointment with one of our doctors?

If you are allready a patient of ours, it is no problem to book an appointment per mail. Just send an e-mail to

If you have not been before to our private practice, please notice: 

  • Dr. Struck does only take new patients for Infertility and recurrent miscarriages, otherwise her appointment scedule is full. 
  • Dr. Prestin takes always in pregnant ladies and a handful of regular gynaecologist patients at the beginning of the new quarter. 

To take you on as a new patient, we will need some data from you:

  • Your full name
  • date of birth
  • permanent address
  • a telephone number to reach you in case we have to reschedule your appointment at short notice

Concerning the costs of an appointment please read the section “New Patients” on billing.

If you get sick or can´t keep your appointment, please let us know in advance if you can, that we will not be waiting and can use the time differently. We have a 48-hrs cancellation-politic, meaning that an appointment, that was not canceled 2 days in advance will be billed with 25,- € for every 15 minutes booked, if we can´t find somebody to step in - which is very often the case.

By the way, we do not mind if a woman comes to see us and is on her monthly cycle and bleeding. Menstruation is just a healthy and normal process of young women and medical women are not afraid of blood.

By german law, we are not allowed to treat or counsel patients we have never seen in person. But once you have been in the Office, we can answer questions via mail. If the questions are too complex or additional examinations are needed, we will ask you to make a new appointment. Usually we like to see our patients every three to six month for reevaluation of herbal or hormonal therapies as some information is not verbally but we sometimes need to get a “feel” for the energy of the patient, see the skin color, posture muscle tonus and a lot of other hints (is there a sparkle I the eye and a spring in the step or still lacking?)


If you need a repeat prescription, please send an e-mail to:, we will then send the prescritption to you via snail-mail. Or phone us 0431/2404019 or leave a message on the answering machine.

If you have trouble getting the prescribed medication at your hometown (as it is with some of our Danish patients) please let us know, we have a very friendly pharmacy who can send a parcel to Denmark. And they have a Danish speaking pharmacist also.

URGENT NEEDED Medication: you forgot your contraceptive pill at home and are on holidays in Munic or wherever? So you cannot just drop in today? No problem, a lot of prescription medication can be handed over by a pharmacist if there is a fax stating that you need that medication. Call us and tell us the fax-number of the nearest pharmacy within Germany and we fax the prescription on the same day.


Please send your mail requesting an appoitment to:
Or phone us: +49-431-2404019

Each morning from 9:00 to 12:00 one of our nurses or assistants who is speaking  some English is available on the front desk.

We do not have an open sugery, meaning you need an appointment to be seen. If you come from another country we will give you for a first contact a one-hour appointment as we prefer to have plenty of time, if somebody comes a long way to see one of our doctors and like to sort out as much as possible within the first consultation.